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Ahimsa: Living without Harm, the first book in Stefanie Hahn's 'Mindfulness Yoga for Kids' series. This story introduces children to the Yoga Sutras' philosophy, focusing on Ahimsa: living with kindness and non-violence. Through relatable characters, it teaches practical tools for managing emotions while offering a straightforward introduction to yoga principles, empowering kids to navigate life with resilience and compassion.



This thoughtfully crafted series is designed to equip children with invaluable tools and life skills, fostering kindness, honesty, and compassion from an early age. The 'Mindfulness Yoga for Kids Book Series' is a gateway to mindfulness, providing a foundation for children to navigate life's challenges with resilience and grace. Through these books, Stefanie Hahn introduces yoga as more than just a physical exercise; it becomes a pathway to self-discovery, emotional intelligence, and interpersonal skills. The series is not only a resource for parents and educators but a companion for children on their journey towards becoming well-rounded, compassionate individuals.

Ahimsa: Living without Harm

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