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Emili Estelle

Emili Estelle is a Yoga Therapist and Yoga Influencer teaching yoga to "people who think they can’t do yoga” and provides an individual yoga experience for everyone in the class offering a variety of options to enhance overall health and wellness. 

Emili is completing her Master’s Degree in Yoga Therapy and Integral Health and is passionate about working with yoga participants on an individual basis to promote a self-empowered plan for a healthier, happier life.

Private Yoga Therapy and Coaching is available with Emili online. 


Lance A.

Emili promotes a positive atmosphere and has a sincere interest in her clients. Excelled at developing a program for my specific needs (nerve damage) that lead to positive results. Pain medication dropped from two 800mg Ibuprofen per day to one 220mg Ibuprofen a day, only when needed.

Emili Estelle's method of teaching is very different from what I was used to. Serene, calming and and awesome stretch. She adjusts each session to my needs so that even if I'm not having a great day, I can still do yoga. I always feel better after every practice. Great Teacher!

Emili is amazing. She is authentic and caring. Her skills are excellent and she personalized the sessions for my mom to get the most out of it. She stays present and has unbelievable insight through her connectedness.

Janelle S.

Dana M.

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