Find balance within the mind, body and spirit with an emphasis on athletic growth and performance. 

Yoga & Athletes



The word "Yoga" translates to "Whole"

The balance between strength and flexibility offered by yoga can be a valuable tool for athletes of all ages. 

Viniyoga is a style of Hatha yoga that promotes the personalization of yoga practices to suit each individual yogi.


Stefanie Jillian is a Yoga Therapist with a personal practice of Viniyoga, a practice that involves adapting the methods of yoga to ensure they are exactly what the yogi needs in mind, body and spirit in that moment. 


Always honor your body and only move as your are comfortable and able to do today. Yoga is about the present moment and is a practice that helps us to learn more about the world around us by exploring more about our own selves deep within. 

Er kan momenteel niets worden gereserveerd