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with Stef



MARCH 1 2020


Stretch & Sesh with Stef
Cannabis Yoga

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Vegas Tasting Room

Tickets $35 and include choice of:
-Bong Rip

Session is 2 hours long including a 30 minute intermission.


Tasting room sales are 25% during the session!

Yoga classes are beginner friendly and

adaptable for yogis of all abilities.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace

Vegas Tasting Room

1235 Paiute Cir

Las Vegas NV 89106

Must be 21+ to attend.



Stefanie Jillian 

C-IAYT 1000 Yoga Therapist


As one of the very few IAYT certified Yoga Therapists in Las Vegas, NV, Stefanie Jillian has advanced training which includes an in-depth knowledge of anatomy and psychology in an effort to make yoga accessible to all.  


Stefanie’s  teaching styles include Hatha Yoga, Viniyoga, Mindful Movements connected with breathing, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Adolescents, Adaptive Yoga for special populations and Yoga for PTSD and addiction.

Cannabis in Yoga: A Brief History

It is said that cannabis was born when the God Shiva accidentally dropped the elixir of immortality and cannabis plants grew forth on the Earth wherever drops of this elixir landed.


According to Patanjali, the mystical trance of yoga occurs after many lifetimes of practice. These practices can include the repetition of mantras, asceticism (depriving oneself of all pleasures), meditation or the use of “special plants.”


It could easily be said that “special plants” are quite possibly the easiest and most natural way to reach higher consciousness. 



Yoga and Cannabis are healing depression, anxiety, worry, and addictions such as alcohol and tobacco. They are helping the terminally ill transition into death peacefully, and they are enabling deeper connections in relationships and healing people with deep personal traumas.


And in reality, they are as natural as the air we breathe or the food we eat: mushrooms, vines, and herbs, including cannabis, are more natural than plastic yoga mats, fancy yoga pants, diffusers or Himalayan salt lamps.


The God Shiva, also known as Adiyogi, or the first Yogi, and depicted as an ascetic dreadlocked sadhu seated in meditation with his body covered in ashes and snakes, is often considered by Hindus as the Lord of Cannabis or Ganja, whose name comes from the Ganges river.